The Professionals’ Unprofessional Best

Fern Gilford, Steven Powell, Noelle Parris-Wilmott came to my birthday celebration.  Of course, I asked them to sing and requested Richard Smallwood’s “Total Praise”.  They all wanted to let me have it because they did not rehearse, the keyboardist said he didn’t know the song, and Noelle said she couldn’t “belt” like she knew she could because she very pregnant (the soprano).  So, this is the professionals’ unprofessional rendition of the song and I’m posting today because I thought of how much we make excuses for not being ready but often really are overdue.

When we know we can do better, isn’t always the timing for the right opportunity to just “do”.  Yes, my friends are all incredibly talented and didn’t have time to work on dynamics, perfection and all of that good stuff.  But, the people who were there didn’t care a hill of beans about what they cared about.  Thank God my friends were all willing to minister.

Today, I encourage you to give your best, even when it isn’t rehearsed or you know it can be so much better only if… (fill in the blanks).  Sometimes the rough edges are just what is required to get the job done.  Godly perfection isn’t flawlessness: it is maturity.  Excellence in maturity wins out just about every time!

Consider what lies within and equips you to meet the mark.  As much as you perfect the gifts, talents and skills God has given you, even if the circumstances are not picture-perfect, avail yourself to meeting the mark and blessing others.  Trust me when I tell you, this performance is light-years away from Fern, Steven and Noelle’s best vocal performances.  But guess what?  It goes down in history as the one that mattered in making the day!

Happy Monday!